Friday, March 9, 2012

Latest Designs at "DAAMAN"

Latest Designs at DAAMAN

The fashion boutique DAAMAN showcased the latest collection at their outlets. The latest collection comprising of simple yet elegant color tones and designs.


Latest Designs at DAAMANLatest Designs at DAAMAN_1Latest Designs at DAAMAN_2Latest Designs at DAAMAN_3Latest Designs at DAAMAN_4Latest Designs at DAAMAN_5Latest Designs at DAAMAN_6Latest Designs at DAAMAN_7Latest Designs at DAAMAN_8Latest Designs at DAAMAN_9Latest Designs at DAAMAN_10

Store Location:

7C, 6th Zamzama Commercial Lane
DHA, Karachi
(In the same lane as Ciao Cafe and Mother care)
Contact: 021-3582-3747
Plaza 32, 1st Floor,
Z-Block, Defense
(Above Hang Ten and near Gloria Jean's Coffees)
Contact: 042-3569-2924

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