Friday, October 28, 2011

Kaamdaani Latest Collection

Kaamdaani Latest Collection

Kaamdaani have showcased there latest women wear collection. The latest collection comprises of mix of old and new trends and thus generating a wonderful collection for women. Having lots of color tones for all modes of women. Iffat Umar modeled for the new designs.


Kaamdaani Latest Collection_1Kaamdaani Latest Collection_2Kaamdaani Latest Collection_3Kaamdaani Latest Collection_4Kaamdaani Latest Collection_5Kaamdaani Latest Collection_6Kaamdaani Latest Collection_7Kaamdaani Latest Collection_8Kaamdaani Latest Collection_9Kaamdaani Latest Collection_10Kaamdaani Latest Collection_11Kaamdaani Latest Collection_12Kaamdaani Latest Collection_13Kaamdaani Latest Collection

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