Sunday, July 31, 2011

BOL Premier at Atrium Cinema Karachi

BOL PremierShoib Mansoor’s “BOL” Premier at Atrium Cinema Karachi is one of the successful events of Pakistan. All the top notch stars are gathered at the premier. The movie BOL is outstanding. One must watch.


BOL PremierBOL Premier_1BOL Premier_2BOL Premier_3BOL Premier_4BOL Premier_5BOL Premier_6BOL Premier_7BOL Premier_8BOL Premier_9BOL Premier_10BOL Premier_11BOL Premier_12BOL Premier_13BOL Premier_14BOL Premier_15BOL Premier_16BOL Premier_17BOL Premier_18BOL Premier_19BOL Premier_20BOL Premier_21BOL Premier_22BOL Premier_23BOL Premier_24BOL Premier_25BOL Premier_26BOL Premier_27BOL Premier_28BOL Premier_29

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