Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Styling by Sana Zara

Styling by Sana Zara Fashion Stylist and Designer Sana Zara has  showcased her styling collection. The young enthusiastic stylist have styled the dresses for both male and female and put the color of life in the dresses. she has given a elegant yet exotic touch to the collection.


 Styling by Sana Zara_1 Styling by Sana Zara_2Styling by Sana Zara_3 Styling by Sana Zara_4 Styling by Sana Zara_5 Styling by Sana Zara_6 Styling by Sana Zara_7 Styling by Sana Zara_8

This photo shoot was part of Sana Zara's university project in which she did the Styling.

Photographer: Rustom Mehta

Make up and hair styling: Nori Hassan

1 comment:

MyTale said...

very trendy and meaningful designs..must say that the designer has put in creative energy in designs such fabulous stuffs

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