Saturday, December 25, 2010

Style Lush

Zain :Style Lush

Here I am with one of the style. my first post of Style Lush is about my friend from Lahore “Zain Ul Abdin”. Well what I think about him is that he is conscious about his clothing's  as what to wear and what’s suits him. Well having a great sense that it’s the best for us is what every body wants. You must look the Zain’s style and his dressing.

Zain :Style Lush

 Wearing Outfitters shirt

Zain :Style Lush

                                            Wearing Levis Shirt and Cross Road Jacket


                                                        wearing outfitter shirt and Hood

Note: Please do comment on this and tell us how Zain looks and what should it wear and your opinion about his dressing & style.

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freak said...

thats me...:):)

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