Friday, December 24, 2010

Printed Khaddar Collection by Gull Ahmed

Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-31

Well friends I have already posted some of the Gull Ahmed’s Printed Khaddar Collection in my Previous posts. Now I am again with some of its latest Designs with some exotic color tones and marvelous designs which blow your mind for Shure.

Because they are absolutely best I can say. The colors, the quality of the wardrobes and least but not last the designs, which I personally like the most. Yes, Kaftan. You must try one of them.

Some of other collections by Gull Ahmed are Gull Ahmed La Chiffon Collection, Gull Ahmed Printed Khaddar Collection, Gull Ahmed Winter Embroidered Khaddar.


Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-31Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-33Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-34Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-35Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-36Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-37Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-38Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-39Gul Ahmed-Printed-khaddar-40

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