Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nabeel & Aqeel

Nabeel & Aqeel

Fashion Industry in Pakistan is continuously in its development proses has created a lots of Passionate and Hardworking creative minded Fashion Designers. Which not only make there name at National level but also at International stage they have earned a tremendous fame. Which boosts the moral of whole Pakistan’s Fashion industry.

Well speaking of the Fashion Designers a name came in my mind of a very famous brand “WARDROBE”. Yes almost all of you who have craze of fashion wears must know this name. And the name behind this fabulous brand are Nabeel & Aqeel the two very hard working and devoted personalities of Fashion Industry.

After earning 2 degrees in MBA and MSC in Economics Nabeel  attained the Fashion degree from Fashion Institute of Technology New York. And Aqeel, the younger brother was selected for apprenticeship in the World known Fashion Brand Armani in their London Headquarters after completing his MBA.

So Collectively in 1999 they established there Fashion Label in Lahore. And from that day to today they have no back goings because of which they are now the top Fashion Designers of Pakistan Fashion Industry.

Both of them has a strong belief that clothes must have a classic look in them and they are wearable. One’s personality must grow after wearing clothes neither that he look dull after wearing clothes.There is well trademark of very fine finish and a clean contemporary styling and having a classic looks in it.

They have labeled dresses for both Men and Women with equal finesse. As being the first to start the men’s finest wear in the country they are still acknowledged as the best and top priority for many people.

Their collections are almost sold out at exclusive boutiques not only in Pakistan but also in India, USA and UK. There clientele comprises almost every sector of life. Including leading industrialists, film and social personalities to the top notch of young and business class.

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