Saturday, December 4, 2010

Keeping Fit As A Way of Life

This article majorly addresses healthy feeding that can be carried out while exercising In order for one to live a good life and the ways in which it can be attained. It has been said that to live a good and healthy life one requires consuming a balanced diet as well as work out. These two go hand in hand and therefore one cannot be carried out while the other is being left out. An individual must strike a balance between these two. Therefore one cannot exercise on an empty stomach as this will cause negative results for his or her health.

In order to workout there are certain tips on what one should consume or eat. Before one can even begin to exercise, a heavy meal should always be avoided as it will cause a lot of fatigue and thus one will not be able to carry out the physical movements easily. However if person over feeds before a work out, he or she might end up vomiting or getting pain in the muscles .This is because when huge amounts of food are eaten, our bodies cannot absorb it easily thus causing the blood flow to increase hence making the person frail. Due to this it sacks out one’s energy and does not produce the right results as it should have.

It is important that before exercising one need not eat anything, however if one is to do so, they must be body building foods as they turn into energy when broken down unlike proteins as well as fatty substances. Foods that have a lot of fiber in them such as beef as well as deep fried foods must be left out of one’s diet.

It is very crucial for one to make sure that water is available or within his or her reach. This is because while exercising liquids within the human body are constantly going out therefore they need to be replaced as soon as possible. The result of this is that the body is cleaned of impurities easily thus one’s digestive system functions properly.

After the work out, having a meal can be done with in a time frame of two hours and this can be a combination of energy giving foods and body building foods. One should also keep away from fatty foods immediately after exercising.

Carbohydrates are broken down to form glucose which is turned into energy thus preparing all the systems of the human body to carry out their activities; this is why they can be consumed in big quantities. An example of energy building foods is whole grain meals such as oats, millet, bean seeds and many others. Amino acids which can be found in body building foods such as milk, chicken as well as beef are very y important and should be consumed after exercising in appropriate levels. Therefore for a work out to turn out well, the above steps should be followed.
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