Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pakistan's Fashion Designers

Asian Institute of Fashion Design

Fashion of every country represents its culture and lifestyle of the people living in it. So it’s always good to define the Fashion statement of the country in a very reasonable & considerable way.

By realizing the importance of the Fashion adoption pattern among the people, the government of Pakistan encouraged the establishment of the Fashion training institutes. Many designing institutions are playing an important role in teaching the Fashion designing students, about how to create the best design they can. Asian Institute of Fashion design (AIFD)is one of those institutions, where student come to polish their creativity.

In January 2000, Iqra University Clifton, Karachi, proudly enlarged the spectrum of study disciplines offered by founding Asian Institute of Fashion Design. AIFD is an absolutely distinctive training centre of professional excellence and technical competence.

The Asian Institute of Fashion Design produces students who can work better in the rapidly varying Fashion market; and can face the challenges of the increasing demands of the international fashion and textile markets. At AIFD, technical expertise along with polishing the creative skills is also an integral part of the studies. This shows that other then quality academics, students are also bond to learn and develop professionalism. In this way, AIFD has maintained its prime criteria of standard Fashion designing studies. Asian Institute of Fashion Design offers a four years Bachelors degree in Fashion Design in addition to a diploma and some short courses. Besides Fashion designing, AIFD offers a four years Bachelors degree in Textile Design too, with a diploma and short courses.

AIFD has recently showcased their collected designed work at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010 and proved itself as a Fashion institution. Some of the brilliant students of AIFD worked very hard to prepare such outstandingFashion collection that was worthy to showcase in front of the Pakistani Fashion Industry. The Fashion assortment synchronized the different themes selected by their students, to prove their innovative skills and talent. The presentation depicted a fluid movement of diverse cuts and an innovative color palette, symbolized the aesthetics and techniques taught at the Asian Institute of Fashion Design.

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