Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cherry lips than chapped lips

Juicy red lips along a cheerful smile add to your personality but the dry weather is right there to trouble your smile. So, protect your lips and maintain freshness of your laughter.
Extreme weather conditions play on your health dreadfuly. It is said that “Face is the index of personality and the lips on them are a gateway to it”,but what if lips are chapped and bleed!!! Its all due to the hazards of cold weather. Either a teen girl or aged woman all ladies suffer this problem in winter because this dry cold season wipes out all the moisture of your lips leaving them dry and rough. The other concerns are inflammation, bleeding, peeling of dead skin, soreness and burning 
sensation in lips.
Lips care is needed in winter therefore all that your lips demand is little attention and time. Remember that prevention is better than cure so heal up your dry lips to make them red blooded and healthy for a beautiful smile. To do so, first look for reasons around and with in that what are chapped lips causes:
  • Cold weather lacks moist air  that makes your lips rough and course
  • Fluid intake becomes less which creates dehydration
  • You hold on hot coffee and tea rather than fresh juices and fruits
  • Licking lips becomes often which evaporates mouth saliva and lips become tender
  • Don’t eat the peeling dead skin as it causes bleeding and soreness
Keeping in mind some of these reasons, take care of your lips and follow any of the following lips care tips to protect them in dry winter:
  • Use lip oils easily available to you or any lip balm, apply it before going to bed. It heals your lips and makes them shiny
  • Take atleast 4 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated
  • Take juices of winter fruits like oranges, carrot and pomegranette. It  turns your chapped lips to cherry lips
  • For smooth lips mix up few drops of rose water in petroleum jelly and apply on your lips in night or before going outside
Chapped and faded lips is general problem for all girls and women therefore keeping your lips lubricated every time is better option. It makes the thin film of your lips red and soft and keeps you smiling and shining day long.
Source: Fashion Central

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