Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Changing Trends in Men’s Fashion

During the last decade we have seen enormous changes in men’s fashion trends and people from all over the world have accept this change.
Since the summer is almost over, so have all the major fashion weeks around the world. This includes the major fashion weeks for men who include Paris, Rome, Tokyo and New York. Ever since the end of the fashion week, not just new collection by established designers were in competition with each other, but also were the new found designers.
Ever since the fashion weeks have ended, it has come to the public’s mind that the men’s collection is very versatile among different designers. For example, Zenga’s new men’s collection has a very “modern street” look to it while Gucci tried to make a more approachable look for the men’s collection. But that is just for the formal wear collections of the designers. Majority of the designers, both new and established, tried to go for a simplicity mixed with the colours of the street style for their casual collection.
Many people have argued that this sudden move towards the street look, even for the famous designers such as Gucci, Armani and YSL, is due to the fact that the Japanese fashion trend is taking over the world, which includes an outfit consisting of various colors with a very street yet smart look for the people who are buying the items. Men, especially in places such as Europe, prefer to go for a more versatile look for themselves because it not only looks approachable but also fits in for various non business occasions, such as parties, dinners or just a simple night out with friends.
As for the new formal wear collections by the designers, many have tried to emulate the fashion trends of the 1960’s and 1970’s and try their best to bring the fashion back but in a much more 21st century style, creating a perfect mixture of thefashion trends of two very different eras.
Source: Fashion Central

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