Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pakistani Men Fashion – Old is New?

The recent fashion trends can be seen as a revival of old. What became obsolete years ago is now making the fashion highlights.

“Old is gold” is definitely a cliché. However, this phrase suits perfectly well with the current themes of Pakistani men fashion! Your old wardrobe may be a fashion disaster…or a thoroughly bold style statement!

Older designs have nostalgic affiliations and memories for you. There are cyclical patterns within our fashion industry. Even though the designers push the boundaries of existing fashion to pave way for newtrends, the history successfully repeats itself. Now the question remains – Is it for better or for worse?

For now, you would agree that the “hot” fashion is the vintage or retro style themes. Pakistani men’s fashionscene is an example of this statement. The much-loved printed shirts of 70s were frowned upon in later decades. Still, within a couple of years, they made an entry with a BANG! The featured collections of Gul Ahmed, StoneAge, CrossRoads, Deepak Perwani, etc. included loud and contrasting casual shirts.

Another successful comeback is for the scarves. Neck scarves for men have had a hit with men of all ages. Young guys can bring funk and style to their jackets in winters, while formal occasions can have a sophisticated touch of scarves too.

Army and band jackets are a classic tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. They were the “in thing” during 80’s and early 90’s. Still, the world and Pakistani men’s fashion has been highlighting this trend for a year and they’re here to stay.

Checkered pants were the 60’s hottest style. It’s definitely back with a bang this fall. The bold check pants and fitted Bermudas are to flaunt your confidence. Older designs have a cyclical way of hitting back, so should you stack up your wardrobe while your mum or wife shrieks?? Probably not, but you can always hold on to the epic pieces for souvenirs…who knows what’s its worth after few years!

Source: Fashion Central

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