Friday, November 26, 2010

Ali Xeeshan's Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010 Karachi

After a short break, PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s Day 3 Act 2 was opened by designer Ali Xeeshan whose Fashion Week collection was entitled “The Phoenix”, the mythical bird of great beauty that lives 500 to 600 years and then burns itself on a funeral pyre, only to rise from the ashes reborn anew to live again. The inspiration behind this collection was the flower colored heritage and vintage dullness of the gold embellishments of the Kohli tribe in Sindh, one of the worst flood affected areas. A culture endangered, according to Ali Xeeshan, it is a clean canvas once again and through his collection he wished to revive the Kohli tribe’s colorful past into a brighter future, regaining its essence within a contemporary thought process. Renowned fashion designer Kamiar Rokni walked the ramp for Ali Xeeshan he also display his clothes incharity show called “Fashion Gives Back” in which the Fashion Week and other designers participated featuring live music from the famous band “Fuzon”. The charity show was produced by HSY and styled by Asmaa Mumtaz.

Talking about his designs the designer said “My design philosophy is about working with conventional materials and using them to create unorthodox aesthetics and in that way creating a simple harmony between the traditional and the avant-garde.”Ali Xeeshan is a graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD) and holds an honors degree in Couture and an award for the Best Collection at the institute.

He takes inspiration and stimulation from within the Pakistani culture which the designer feels is still an untapped reserve of creativity. While predominantly a couturier focusing on formal and bridal wear, Ali has also diversified into a diffusion Prêt-à-porter line, a formal collection for men and a complete range of accessories. Ali’s signature style can be found in his use of unusual shades of color and high end luxurious fabrics merged with unconventional embellishment techniques in both traditional and contemporary cuts. Ali Xeeshan showcased his Couture collection “The Lost Romance” at the debut PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in February 2010.

Complete Collection

Source: Fashion Central

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