Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Perfect Nail Care

Fingernails reflect the health and wealth of a person. They can be kept short or long, painted and lot more. But first of all you need to follow these nail care tipsand achieve the perfection of having great nails!

Time has come to clean your nails, take the dirt out of them with nail cleaner but be careful that you do not harm your nails.

This nail care tip suggests that once the inner parts of your nails are clean, get the other parts clean too. Use a clean toothbrush, soap or water to scrub yourfingernails hard. After cleaning get rid of soap and dry your hands.

This fingernail, tip suggest that use a nail polish remover or cotton buds to scrub your nails to get rid of all kinds of nail polish left on your nails. It is important that you start from the base and than go upwards. According to this nail care tip, soak your nails into soapy water for three minutes and make sure that water is not too cold or hot. Be patient while working on this, watch TV or talk to someone.

For clean fingernail perfection, wash your hands with soap and warm water. After rubbing them, use rich hand cream that smells good for your skin. Cut your nails if you keep them short, or file them if you're growing them. Make sure the nails are all completely even.

This nail care tip said, do not bite your nails, paint them with clear polish or get a beautiful manicure so you won't want to bite them. According to this nail care tip, if you paint them with proper colour make sure to sandwich the layers between a coat of clear polish
Source: Fashion Central

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