Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zahra Saeed’s Fall Collection 2010

Zahra Saeed, a budding new fashion designer that is based in the US. Just recently she decided to pursue her interest in fashion after working for many years in the corporate world. With the launch of her flagship store in Philadelphia, she promises to offer classy, timeless pieces that embrace both western and eastern elements. With a focus on fit and embellishments , it's bound to be a success.
A designer collection of ready to wear clothing. Crafted from custom woven fabrics, and imported from some of the world’s finest textile producers. Imagine the gleaming colors of an exotic bird, glimpsed through the shadowy mist of the rain forest. Pour that muted palette over custom woven fabrics. Now, add an unexpected touch.
Showcased by fashion model Ayyan, Zahra Saeed fall/winter collection 2010 is a classic youthful compilation of ‘day-time-hippie’ and ‘night-time-hotie.’
Classy little blacks to elegant gowns to rock chic tops, the assortment are a complete fashion statement of young fashion conscious girls.

Complete Colection

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