Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall 2010 Makeup Trends: Purple Craze

Arresting shades of bright orchid, mauve, plum and eggplant is delivering purple power to fall 2010 makeup trends. From eyes to lips to nails, fall is going to bath in purple craze. From delicate, ethereal lavender eyes and cheeks to lush plum lips to the deep sultry pouts and blackish purple smoky eyes, Purple charm is simply irresistible. It’s definitely a bold and outstanding look plus it’s undeniably fresh and seductive.

If you want to go for a more dramatic style-loaded look, try creating smoky effect with a combination of purple and black for a night time look that is un-arguably going to be the most mesmerizing look of the fall 2010. You can also color your days purple with light lavender effect.

Purple lips make a bold statement, but it’s important to select the best shade carefully, if you have goldenish or darker skin tone, blue based plum shade would be perfect for you. And those with fair skin select a pinky purple to create the best effect. Some of the purple shades might be too tough and overwhelming, but a swipe of sheer gloss can perfectly soften the look.

From lilacs to the deepest, darkest plum, any of these purple shades will be the best option for this fall. Splash into the purplish hue this fall and come out making a fashion statement, which is flirty yet charming, fresh yet oh-so-sexy!

Source: Designerz Central

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