Saturday, October 30, 2010

Color Trends Of 2010

The year 2010 will be an exciting year for fashion trends. Fashion trend’s experts predict that the fashion trends will emerge from the global financial crisis and as a result we can expect to see some new standards of fashion trends to rise up. The fashion trends 2010 are classically inspired by the fusion of various colors and traditions. Just like every season’s fashion trends include some color trends similarly the fashion trends 2010 also include some individual details, the fabrics, the cuts and the oft forgotten colors.

Current fashion trends are simply the fashion-forwards wardrobe refresh, and then the current color trends can be overlooked.
Recently the color firm Pantone sat down with New York’s leading Fashion Designers to find out which colors they’d be using for theirspring/summer 2010 fashion trends collection.

The two parties came up with some amazing colors that can simply prove to beautify the new trends. These colors will also decide the future of a lot of labels. The latest color trends are no brash colors in the mix, the spring/summer 2010 color trends are optimistic yet cautious. Naturally the spring/ summer color palette will have some tipped bright colors.

The color trends they decided on encompass everything from demure bright to the suspicious sounding “dried herb”.

The 2010 color trends finally included the following colors:
Fusion coral
Tomato puree
Amparo blue
Pink Champagne
Dried herb

We see that in this color trend the vibrancy of the top five colors versus the neutrals we see towards the bottom ranking, show that designers are choosing optimism for the season’s trends.
The color trend is one of the most important aspects that should be taken care by the designers. If these color trends are followed properly they build the label’s reputation.
Source: Designerz Central


shaheen ch said...

good faishon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Emma S. said...

Lively colors!
I love violet and turquoise!
I think 2011 is about fun celebration of life and
real beauty!

Fahad said...

Yep Emma 2011 will be about true beauty and life.

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