Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, youthful-looking 45-year-old, launched his own label back in 1986, was appointed as creative director at Louis Vuitton a decade later in 1997, and created his hugely popular diffusion label Marc by Marc Jacobs in 2001. In total, he puts on eight catwalk shows every year. He believes that good design and quirky fashion should be available to everyone, and for that reason, his stores sell products ranging from around £1 (for a compact mirror)to clothes with five-figure price tags.

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs's creations are perhaps the most imitative in the industry right now. His work creates such a buzz that it filters down from designer boutiques to the high street faster than tittle-tattle, and the chances are that, if you're even slightly interested in fashion, you'll have something in your wardrobe the idea for which originated in Jacobs' studio.

It is for this reason that the designer's autumn/winter 2009 New York Fashion Week show on Monday was so enthusiastically anticipated. This season's feature collections in the round of catwalk shows are the first to be conceived and manufactured during the depths of the critical situation, and are therefore the first opportunity to see how the financial climate will affect the way we will all be dressing over the coming year. Essentially, the way Jacobs chooses to respond to the depression will be the way we all do.

As for the collection itself, like many designers this season, he's looking back to the 1980s, with crayon-bright hues, big padded shoulders and even bigger hair.

Colourful and optimistic, Jacobs' collection suggested that perhaps women will respond to the financial climate by splashing out and dressing up.

"Marc Jacobs shows collections that are fashion-forward and just really cool," says Scottish fashion designer Scott Ramsay-Kyle.

Well he is the one designer to whom every level person likes and love him a lot just because of its fantastic and creative working. his outfits are superb.Overall he is a creative person having a good nature.

Well overall his collection is superb it is basically a new touch to the old styles. a quite creative look also. his work is quite awesome.
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